Refund Policy
The Customer has the right to return goods purchased within 30 days of receipt of item. Goods must be returned to the Company's UK office at Datta International Ltd., 132-134 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester M4 6DE, U.K. Goods must be returned in the original packaging only. Goods damaged by the Customer cannot be taken back. Please check packaging when delivered for any damage marks and inform us by email to sales@dattainternational.com
Please keep Tracking number or Postal Receipt as proof of postage. The Customer is liable to pay Customs Duties and Local taxes in their respective countries. No refunds will be given for Duties & Taxes paid by Customer.

Magazine subscriptions can be cancelled within 14 days only. No refunds will be given afterwards. The Company will dispatch magazines once in a month only. Those customers having multiple magazine subscriptions will get their issues once in a month in order to keep costs down. The Company will not be held responsible for delays in magazine delivery due to natural disasters, man made problems like strikes,  go slow, etc. There will be delays during religious festival periods like Durga Puja, Christmas, etc. No refunds will be given if customer cancels subscription after 14 days due to any of the above reasons. 
You can write to us for any information. Just send your letter to any one of our Company offices in the list below. Or just call our Customer Service in your country. 
Datta International Ltd.
132-134 Great Ancoats Street,
Manchester M4 6DE
United Kingdom
Customer Service : 07789935989
Email - info@dattainternational.com
Datta International Inc.
200 Centennial Avenue,
New Jersey 08854
Phone: 1-732-377-2080
Email - info@dattainternational.com
Datta International
16th floor, Chatterjee International Centre
33A Jawahrlal Nehru Road,
Kolkata 700 071
Phone : 00 91 33 22270642
Email - info@dattainternational.com