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Datta International is an export and import company established for over 10 years. Our products include Books and Magazines in Indian languages; designer home furnishings selling under the brand name Nazaki; exclusive garden and outdoor furniture selling under the brand name Gardenia and the world famous Sheffield cutlery from England. 
Our U.K. office :
Datta International Ltd.
132-134 Great Ancoats Street
Manchester M4 6DE
Phone : 07789935989
Email: info@dattainternational.com
Our Indian office:
Datta International 
Room A1, 16th Chatterjee International Centre,
33A Jawaharlal Nehru Road,
Kolkata 700 071
Phone : 91 33 222 70642
Our US office:
Datta International Inc.
Suite 200,
200 Centennial Avenue,
New Jersey 08854
Phone : 1- 732-377 2080

You can write to us for any information. Just send your letter to any one of our Company offices in the list below. Or just call our Customer Service in your country.